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With Comosoft's multichannel marketing software, you’ll be able to ...

  • Perform as a PIM, DAM, and marketing production solution with an integrated checkpoint-based workflow and proofing system. 
  • Consolidate data and assets from multiple sources in a central repository for use in various marketing channels. 
  • Plan and produce projects for ecommerce, print, and more directly from LAGO.
  • Easily execute complex regionalization and versioning projects. 
  • Bring assigned data and assets directly into page production with In Design plugins with persistent linking to ensure data and assets are 100% accurate and always up to date. 
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“Comosoft LAGO is basically our beast of burden that helps us manage complex versioning, and real-time change out, on a constant basis”Joe Gies, Senior Marketing Manager of Creative and Photography Services for Bass Pro Shops